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Hi everyone, thanks for accepting me onto this forum.

I’m a journalist carrying out some research into sperm donation. 

I’d like to speak to donors as well as women/couples who have received donated sperm, or who are currently looking.

I want to find out people's reasons for doing it, the benefits, the potential risks and the stigma that surrounds it. 

At the moment I’m just gathering stories and information, but this would be with a view to taking part in some filming for a TV programme. There may be the option of doing an interview without showing faces, and using pseudonyms. 

Please get in touch if you’re interested or would like any more information – no strings attached. 

Thank you,

Adrian Tee

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Hi Emma, If you're still working on this project, I'd be happy to be interviewed on my experiences as a donor without my face being shown and under a pseudonym. Best wishes, Adrian

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Unfortunatly i wouldnt take part in any such interview as this would be a serious breach of trust between donour and recipient., and goes against the ethics of confidentiality and may involve legal recriminations for all parties concerned.
After successfully donating by AI in 2018 Ive had a break and I am now ready to help out again.
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