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New to this site but not to donating - privately and originally via the NHS. I've had a couple of email exchanges from couples on this site and they have both been brusk, bordering on rude. This is surely meant to be mutually beneficial - or at least I want to think I'm doing something good for whomever I donate to. 

I'm not looking for gushing thanks but how about being civil? Tell me about you. Make it seem as though it's going to be nice to meet you even if you don't ever want to see me again. Don't send two line emails demanding things and imply that I am just not fitting in with your timetable when I'm not yet sure what time I'd be able to get to you. And offer expenses for me to turn down - don't ask me "will you want travel expenses and if so how much". Jesus. Just imagine if you treated your friends this way. 


I don't understand. Is it Millenial entitlement? You are going to get have to settle for the crazy guy from Pakistan if this is your attitude. Just think about it. It's a weird thing to do (the donor's part in AI) and frankly you could make it seem like you're not going to grab the sample and tell me to F*ck Off which is certainly the vibe I've got so far.
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