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Hi, Everyone.

I am here to give advice only.

I have worked within the fertility units for several years.

I no longer donate because I have reached the maximum successful recipients allowed (which is 5)

The fact that you are searching for a donor on this type of site means you cannot afford private clinics or have no success being seen by the NHS fertility units.

First of all, while there are some genuine people who wish to help by donations, Be very careful not to let your yearning for a baby be turned into a fiasco.

Never forget, this is a small country, if the gene-pool is flooded with an unscrupulous donors DNA, then this will lead to unknown incest for future generations.
Your child when he or she becomes an adult could unwittingly form a relationship with their half brother or sister.
The result in their having offspring is a very serious matter, it often leads to physical and/or metal deformities.

There are those who see this as a business (which is illegal)
There are those that will charge expenses including any time taken off work.
While travel expenses are allowed, Expenses for time off of work is illegal.

These people are only interested in money and as such they do not adhere to the medical and legal guidelines.

If you do find a genuine donor, then they will have no objection in having a full medical and accountable proof that they are healthy in both body and mind.

Always remember, the method of insemination is always your choice, do not let anyone using your longing for a baby persuade you to do otherwise.

I sincerely hope you find this helpful and of course if you need any further advice please do not hesitate to send me an email or private message me here on the site.



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Hey there,
                It's not like that. I see life as life. I donate happily.
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